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Material Handling Equipments Rotary Air Lock Valves

These are made from 2” nb size upto 24” nb diameter. Material of construction is M.S., S.S., Al, G.I. as per requirement. Precisely finished center rotor ensures proper and accurate feeding of material under extreme load conditions. Types of RAV’s made by us are
Drop through rotary vales – loading directly from top side and conveying side at bottom / below.
Blow through rotary valves – material fed by air from side and conveyed along the path on other side or bottom.

Material Handling Equipments Inclined Material Loading Conveyors

Inclined Material Loading Conveyors

Advance Equipment Co. has supplied many types of Portable and stationary type of material loading / unloading conveyors. Conveying speeds range from 1 mtr /min to 25 mrts /min with top height adjusting feature. Many standard versions are available ready for shipment for your application.

Material Handling Equipments Rotary Feeders

Rotary Feeders are used to feed material in process to next station. Standard speed include 8 revolutions per minute upto 35 revolutions per minute. Construction in M.S. Zinc plated, Stainless steel, Aluminum or as per requirement

Material Handling Equipments Transfer Turn Tables

Turn Tables are very useful devices for achieving accurate turning or re-positioning of the product during process / transfer. A wide variety of turn tables as manufactured in our Factory. Typical versions include, chain transfer, roller bed transfer, Pnuematic cylinder transfer etc.

Transfer Turn Tables

Material Handling Equipments Product Loading Conveyors

Many versions of product loading conveyors are made by us. These are used in assembly line for stocking the material in process and feeding automatically to next machine for further processing.

Product Loading Conveyors

These are known as loaders and construction depends on type of product, product size, loading capacity required. On receipt of proper data, these machines prove to be of enormous help in terms of increasing the production and reducing un-wanted manpower and cost.

Material Handling Equipments Pinch Roll Assembles (Used in Steel Plants)

This equipment is used in steel plants for feeding hot ingots to rolling mills for rolling into steel sections like flats, rounds, channels etc. As the name suggests, the top roller clamps hot ingots and is conveyed in forward direction by driving the bottom roll. At fixed clamping pressure is maintained between the two rolls by a pneumatic / hydraulic cylinder located at the rear side.

Pinch Roll Assembles

Material Handling Equipments Product Storage Silos

Silos are vertical storage tanks used in many industries like Cement, Fertilizer, Food etc to store bulk material as a reservoir. Typical mater

Product Storage Silos

Material Handling Equipments Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer Units
We make a wide range of Ball transfer units. Standard ball sizes include ”, ” and 1” center balls. These are arranged in diamond pattern to achieve transfer surface. Ball transfer unit are used for fairly flat bottom products like cartons, Metal trays etc.

Precise machining, accurate fitment help in providing minimal gap only to assist removal of any foreign object drained out from bottom. We stock a huge inventory of these units ready for immediate delivery. Normal lead times are two to three weeks.

Material Handling Equipments

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